Harley Davidson Special Edition Firefighter Badge
This web site is a supplement to our main source of information exchange...
"The Harley Davidson Firefighters Email Group"
If you're an active or retired member of the Fire Service or your military MOS deals with fire protection or fire safety and you ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle, we'd like to invite you to join our email group!
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America IS the 'Shining Lantern'.
Our email group will allow you to share your experiences with the entire group with just a single email.  The group features the following areas that all members enjoy access to:

File Storage
User Configured Database
Automated Calendar
Email Archives
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Visit FIREMAN JOE'S and show your PRIDE!
Joe Produces a beautiful line of Fire Badges, Tee Shirts and other fire related items for use on not only the current line of H-D 'Firefighter Special Edition' bikes but for any bike that you RIDE and want to show your PRIDE!

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Jerry is a Law Enforcement Officer who rides a bike for a living.  He's a 'Motorman'!
  Jerry can help you to ride your bike better and maybe even help you to survive those daily 'on the road encounters' with others of the 'four wheeled' persuasion!  Take a look at Jerry's Video Cassette and new DVD...

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